The true challenges and opportunities of the refugee crisis for Germany and Europe

To my English speaking friends, as I posted this article in its German version a few days ago.

The leading German weekly paper, „Die Zeit“ and Author Bernd Ulrich, have issued this excellent analysis which is about the best I have read in the international press to date:

The Naivety of Evil: Neither closed borders nor harsh words from the chancellor will stop the refugees.

It brings rare clarity to the background of the most pressing questions and debunks the myths created by politicians nationally, as well as internationally.

Being German we have learned our lessons from history regarding building walls. First: If you build a wall, you also need to be willing to shoot to kill. Second: Even that will only hold for some time.  Third: A modern version of East-Germany is the society you want to live in?

The refugee crisis poses by far the biggest challenge, and, at the same time, the biggest opportunity, to Germany and Europe since the German reunification and will define what we, as Europeans, are truly made of – as people and as a society.

Is there a European dream?

A must read.

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